Register as a candidate recycling partner of Fost Plus

Welcome to the portal for the management of the offers for Recycling


This portal enables you as a candidate purchaser to manage your data electronically concerning the offers for the tenders for recycling .


In order to use these facilities, may we ask you to provide us the necessary information:

  1. The general identification information of your organisation
  3. The adresses of your operational sites (you may also complete them later to re-use them in your offers)
  5. Information concerning the main user of this system. This is the person that we will contact in all the correspondence concerning the offers.
  7. Your banking information: for the purpose of a later registration of an eventual contract we need to dispose of your banking information.

The registration process will guide you through all these steps. In order to guarantee a correct functioning, this process cannot be interrupted, so please foresee the above information.


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